Let's Meet and Discuss Your Needs

Our first steps are to see what you have, what you should have, and what we can do. We take the time to understand your frustrations, concerns and your business – then incorporate them into our plan.


Time To Put YOUR Business Under OUR Microscope

There’s likely aspects of your business you’re not aware of that could be costing – or simply a level of service you’re not getting with other providers that’s keeping your business from being productive.  We’ll complete an audit of what you have and where you want to be, so we can paint a picture of the best end state architecture and road map for success.


All Systems Go

Jabtech experts are deployed to start the transition and become an extension of your business.  Getting our remote management tools installed is top priority so we can keep a pulse on your technology.  From there we’ll knock out a stabilization punch list to put your network on the right course.  There are no exceptions during this phase because our goals are to implement best practices across the board, so Jabtech’s team is successful in supporting your business.


We're Here - Watching and Waiting

OK – You’re on-board!  This is where Jabtech delivers the experience you’ve deserved and our reputation lives up to it.  Our team is always here for you – just a phone call or e-mail away.   Even stop in our office to say “hi” if you’re coming down Garfield Rd.   Meanwhile, we’re monitoring your environment non-stop and doing whatever it takes to keep your network dependable.


Maintaining the Life Cycle

Supporting your business is important – so is forward thinking to evolve technology with your business.  It requires experience and the right set of minds.  Consider us your Virtual CTO.  We’re here to coach you every step of the way as your business grows, so the right solutions are considered and you don’t learn the hard way.

What You Can Expect

As a Jabtech partner, we become an extension of your business. You will immediately benefit from the changes we bring to your organization – such as:

  • Reaching an actual human when you call our support desk, not an automated prompt
  • No elevation tiers, as all of our techs are equally capable of addressing issues
  • An engaged IT partner who wants to be involved in the development and growth of your business

We at Jabtech actually, physically, literally want to sit in on your meetings. We want to be there to help and watch your business grow. That’s the kind of partnership we want with you.