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Here’s What a Technical Support Specialist Brings to the Table

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If your company has ten computers or a thousand, one server or twenty, someone had to put it all together. The larger the company, the less likely it is that employees have a hand in any installation. But that’s not what you hired them for anyway. You hired them to use the equipment for work. With all that technology, however, something is bound to go wrong. When it does, someone must fix it. Make sure your company gets it right every time with a technical support specialist.

Technical Support Specialists Don’t Do Guesswork

You lose money and time every moment your network is offline. When you chance quick computer fixes to employees doing guesswork, you run the risk of perpetuating the problem or making it worse. A quick trip to Google might lead you somewhere, but how can you know you’re searching for the right solution?

Technical Support Specialists are versatile IT professionals with extensive troubleshooting knowledge. From computer and electronic systems to software applications, there’s no problem too large for the right specialist. Even if a client can’t explain what’s going on, technical support specialists can run diagnostics and explain the problem on a level customers can understand.

Technical Support Specialists Have You Covered 24/7

With managed IT services, companies can have technical support specialists on retainer. But technical support specialists don’t wait for clients to come calling. Managed Service Providers (MSP) proactively monitor their customers’ networks to stop problems before they even arise. Monitoring can go beyond fixing mechanical and software problems and includes security against malicious activity.

Technical Support Specialist Increase Your Productivity

By taking the IT hat from your employees and keeping them on the job, your company saves time and money. You can also have peace of mind with a team of professionals watching your network at all times. Beyond some of the more obvious solutions, technical support specialists are more budget friendly than paying solutions as problems arise. Think of managed services as a flat rate IT service. For a monthly fee, you have an MSP ready to fix an endless number of problems.

Jabtech Delivers

Don’t know where to start or who to call? Jabtech is a full-service MSP with a team of technical support specialists. With more than a decade of experience, we can service all your needs.

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