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Data Gone? I don’t think so!

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Got a hard drive that’s on the verge of failing? So did one of our customers recently. One of their laptops started to blue screen and innocently we all assumed the data was perfectly safe since Windows kept attempting to load. We went through a battery of solutions before nearly putting up the white flag and giving up. Check this out.

We connected the 2.5″ IDE hard drive to our recovery PC using an IDE to USB converter and the computer didn’t recognize a new hard drive. Strike 1.

So we attempted a different IDE to USB converter thinking it could have been a connection issue. The second converter recognized the disk but wanted to format it. Strike 2.

We tried a THIRD IDE to USB converter, and this time it recognized a disk, didn’t want to format, but showed no file structure on the drive….and now it’s starting to click!  Strike 3?  Desperately we used a recovery tool by a company called Kroll Ontrack ( The software quickly recognized the disk, and after a brief scan was able to detect the file structure. We were simply able to select the important user data and copy it to another drive. Problem solved! premium domains