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Ensure Your Business Continuity with Data Backup

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Your business wasn’t created overnight. But frighteningly, it can be lost that quickly. If management and ownership are the central nervous system behind your company, then your team are the internal organs. But your data – your data is the life blood of the entire organization.

All three are vital to your company’s survival, and it would fail with a sudden loss of any of them. The easiest of the three to lose is, of course, the data. That’s why your data backup is so crucial to your business continuity.

You Need Frequent Data Backup
How far back can you afford data to be lost? A hour’s worth? A day’s worth? Maybe a bit more? Sadly, far too often, businesses whom have secured data backup only realize after the need for data recovery that their backups are not occurring nearly often enough. Some businesses must try to continue after making the horrible discovery that their most recent backup is weeks – sometimes even months old! Your data backup is doing you very little good if your backups are not recurring on a helpful schedule.

You Need Viable Data Backups
Let’s say, then, that your backups are occurring on a satisfactorily frequent basis. You then experience a data loss, but breathe a sigh of relief when you learn your most recent backup had been performed the night before. But then – as you begin to download the recovery files – you receive an error message. It won’t proceed. The backup file – is corrupt. As are many of the less-recent backup files. Your backups were not tested for viability, and were allowed to continue archiving in their corrupt format – leaving you with essentially nothing. Can your business afford that?

You Need a Plan for Business Continuity
Both the frequency and the corruption issues aside, let’s look at another scenario: you get a call in the night – there’s been a fire. You race up to the office at 2:30 in the morning to see your entire office gutted. Everything is gone. The next day, you call your backup provider to ensure your data is safe, and after a brief check, they assure you that it is. “You can begin downloading the recovery files any time,” they tell you. That’s great – but . . . where are you going to download them? You have no server, no network. Not even a workstation left. How will your business continue if you can’t even access your data because you have nowhere to put it?

You Need Jabtech
With Backup and Disaster Recovery from Jabrech, we take steps to ensure your backups occur on a very regular basis, and all backup files are routinely tested for viability. And we’ll even sit down with you and craft a business continuity plan in the event of an officewide disaster. It’s our job to make sure you keep going. All you have to do is start the conversation.