of businesses lost data from a disaster shut down within two years
hard drives crash each week in the United States
of businesses experienced an unforeseen interruption in the last 2 years

IT‘s automatic

Forget the servers and the tape! Your files are securely backed up every day, hour, or even every 15 minutes – the choice is completely yours. Decide the backup cadence to meet your business needs. Then, move on. Our system will do the rest. With Jabtech, you can truly “set it and forget it.”

IT‘s safe

Safe transmission and storing of your data is like having it under lock and key. With Jabtech, your data is always protected with encryption – locally, in transit, and, in the cloud. So you’ll never have to worry again.

IT‘s reliable

Should a disaster like a fire or flood occur, your entire network can be recreated in a matter of minutes. No more lengthy down time to rebuild – now, you can effortlessly recover. So it’s always business as usual.

IT‘s perfect for every business

Our Backup & Disaster Recovery services help leaders from all industries free themselves from unnecessary time and cost investments, while acquiring some much deserved peace of mind. No matter the industry, business size or needs, we’re confident that we can help you protect your IT assets.

Offsite Replication

Rest assured, we’ll protect your data by automatically copying it to a secure, offsite location. So it’ll never be lost if an onsite disaster occurs.

Image Backups

Like taking a series of snapshots, we’ll frequently capture images of your server, allowing us to recover it quickly and get your business back faster.

Secure & Encrypted

Whether stored locally or transmitted offsite, your data is air-tight. We follow stringent industry regulations to ensure the best encryption around.

DetroIT Proud

For nearly a decade, Jabtech has had the privilege of helping Metro Detroit organizations by taking the IT burden off their shoulders and cutting costs. From start‐ups to complex enterprises spanning multiple industries, Jabtech has been there – with solutions customized to meet diverse business needs. Our biggest success to date? We’ve consistently maintained a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

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