About Us

Jabtech was founded in 2006 to help businesses in Metro Detroit realize their potential through expert-level IT planning and support. We partner with numerous businesses, from start-ups to complex enterprises. And no matter the size, shape or industry, we have solutions that are proven to work. That’s because we only employ experts in our field with the years of experience and credentials to best serve our clients.

What We Do

As our logo suggests, we are the IT department, working with organizations every step of the way as an extension of their teams. We also assist in-house, IT personnel as an extra layer of support to meet their growing needs.

Our Difference

We know that everyone’s IT experience is different, and, we love working with both novices and experts alike. You can always count on us to deliver recommendations in plain English, or, “geek speak,” if that’s what you prefer. Continuous help desk and onsite support come standard with us – and we always seek our customers’ feedback to ensure we’re providing only the best experiences possible. We’ve never lost a client, and we don’t plan to start now.

Jabtech Culture

We love all things made in Michigan – after all, so are we! From Great Lakes coffee to music from Kid Rock, our office is full of what makes our state – and the city of Detroit – so special.


Customers Come First

Businesses like you are at the heart of everything we do. Your needs, pain points and goals will always be our main focus.

Employ the Best People

We’re only as strong as our talent. That’s why we only hire Microsoft-certified pros with years of experience in both IT and customer service.

Transparency = Trust

Your data is the lifeblood of your business. Handling it is a privilege to us, so you can trust us to never leave you in the dark.



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Our Skills

Drinking Great Lakes Coffee


Streaming Kid Rock Songs


Eating Better Made Chips


Rocking Pure Detroit Gear


We’re Social

Get an insider’s view into our company’s culture, latest news and industry insights – all on our social media pages. And if you like what you see, give us a virtual thumbs up. We always appreciate the feedback.